Johnny Utah's

BASE First Jump Course (BFJC)

Learn to BASE jump with 3X World Champion and world renowned BASE instructor Johnny Utah ®.

Johnny Utah is a 3x World Champion BASE jumper with 2,700+ BASE jumps in the 31 years of his BASE career. He is a holder of 9 BASE World Records and 4 Skydiving World Records. Johnny has been teaching BASE jumping for 23 years and has developed very effective teaching methods. He was the first to begin teaching BASE First Jump Courses at the Perrine Bridge, whereby he conceived and developed an innovative approach to teaching a BASE FJC. He coined the term BASE Camp as a name fitting for his more involved longer BASE jumping courses which give his students a higher level of competency and solid foundation to build upon during their BASE career. Johnny Utah's BASE Camp (FJC) at the Perrine Bridge set the standard over 20 years ago for BASE courses all over the world, and for the last two decades BASE Camp continues to teach skydivers not only how to BASE jump, but how to become a solid BASE Jumper!

21-WAY Span World Record - designed and organized by Johnny Utah at the Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA (2005)

Are you ready to become a BASE Jumper?
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BASE Camp !

If you are new to BASE and going to Bridge Day, it's recommended you do a complete BASE First Jump Course (BFJC) in preparation for jumping during Bridge Day.

Jack Edwards makes his first BASE jump at the age of 74 during Johnny Utah's BRIDGE DAY extended 3-day FJC.

All jumpers making their first BASE jump at Bridge Day are required to go through a training course.

~ Johnny Utah offers these two options ~
BASE Camp FJC BRIDGE DAY extended 3-day FJC
Perrine Bridge (486 ft) - Twin Falls, Idaho
New River Gorge Bridge (876 ft) - West Virginia
Comprehensive course covering the fundamental aspects and progression to advanced training.
Comprehensive course covering the fundamental aspects of BASE jumping.
12 hours of ground school + packing & exit training
12 hours of ground school + packing & exit training
4 FULL days - averaging 15+ jumps
3-days with jumping only on Bridge Day
BASE Camp FJC $1,195
Special Bridge Day rate only $595
(Twin Falls, Idaho, Perrine Bridge)
October 17-19, 2019 (New River Gorge Bridge)
Click here for Twin Falls BASE Camp FJC
Click here for BRIDGE DAY extended 3-day FJC



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